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Our fellow Craft Vendor Links

A Hui Hou          ----------Jewelry

Classic Hawaiian Designs          ----------Jewelry

Clayvision              ----------Whimsical Charms

Cynthia Sasaki Designs          ----------Jewelry

Heritage Source             ----------Asian Books

Japanesque Accents            ----------Personal Gifts

Kelley’s Kookies             ----------Cookies

Mariko III             ----------Accessories

No Bachi                ----------Clothing

Okada Originals            ----------Fabric Giftware

Pat on the Back             ----------Fabric Items

Pomegranate Designs             ----------Artwork

Smilin from Ear to Ear           ----------Clothing

Spicy Brown           ----------Clothing

Sumofish Design Co          ----------Clothing

Tako’s Toffee               ----------Toffee

The Glass Studio           ----------Engraved Glass

Waka ‘Nai                ----------Clothing

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