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Welcome to Natural Imitations

We offer artificial orchid arrangements that look like real living plants. They fool everyone and best of all they don't take much to keep them that way.

We often hear stories from our customers' husbands, house sitters, and relatives watering the plants while they're on vacation. Someone even entered a plant to an Orchid show, a real Orchid show...no one told her they weren't real!

They make great gifts for:

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Mother's Day
  • House warming
  • Thank you
  • Get well
  • Bosses day
  • Any occasion
for male or female!  Best of all you can buy and enjoy it yourself until you give it away (it won't die).  Some gifts never make it to the recipient.  They're great for those of us with a brown thumb.

Most of my stock is orchids~~phalaenopsis, dendrobium, cattelaya, vanda and cymbidium. Tropicals include anthurium, plumeria, and hibiscus. These are all in different containers ranging from ceramic, baskets, and trunks...you'll find at least one or two you'll love!

Gardena, California
(310) 323-5773


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Attention fellow orchid-killers!
Tired of orchid leaves & sticks left in the pot? Tired of waiting for them to rebloom? These are a few reasons you should consider Natural Imitations:

* Never needs water
* For those who can only grow weeds
* Human friendly
* Can handle your vacations
* Love to get compliments!
* Tired of being a killer?
* They're not real
* Artificial and proud of it
* No watering ever
* Long live fake plants!
* We'll never die on you
* Drought tolerant plants
* Allergic to good care
* Blooms year round
* We Love Neglect
* Orchid Knock-offs
* No pollen for allergy-sufferers



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